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Renan Amaral

Professional Mechanical Engineer

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Hi there! Welcome to my online CV! I have created this page to show some of the work I have been doing for the last years. I hope you enjoy what you will find here, and if you think I can help you somehow, contact me. It will be a pleasure to meet you!

If you want to check my detailed CV, just use the link below.

For the last 9 years, I have been working as a Mechanical Design Engineer. During this time, I had the opportunity to work in a wide range of fields like oil & gas, air medical evacuation, polymer recycling and paper and pulp industry. Therefore, in the following sections I show some of the work I have done.

What I have been doing...

Cutting Paper Roll Guillotine

   Commonly during the paper formation process some issues may appear and impair the quality of the product. Usually, in order to not waste material, the wrongly manufactured product is reused by being reinserted at the first stage of the process, disaggregation. However, the whole paper rolls cannot be efficiently disaggregated, what creates the need to transform the rolls in reams. And the most common way is to cut it in the middle.
   During this project, I had to customize a cutting paper roll guillotine in order to meet a specific customer expectations. Originally, the equipment was designed to undertake cuts of 650mm length subjected to a load of 15 metric tons. After the redesign, the equipment was undertaking cuts of 2000mm length subjected to a load of 45 metric tons.
   At this project, I had played a wide range role. At start, I had to schedule several meetings with the sales team and the client in order to establish what exactly they were expecting. After that, we started redesign the equipment, manufacturing the new parts, and undertaking some tests. After some issues due to the significant increase of working load, I have done few CAE simulations at the critical parts and redesigned them in order to strengthen them. Finally, after the last tests we were able to ship the equipment to the client. And at this point, I was assigned to undertake the commissioning, workers operation training and providing work safety instructions.

Pulp Detrasher

   A Pulp Detrasher is an equipment designed to extract the stock from a disaggregator, and then entrap and concentrate contaminants. Then, the stock is directed to the next steps of the process, cleaning and screening, while the contaminants trapped inside the Detrasher are purged out of the process.

   At the time of this project, the company have had just changed its CAD software to SolidWorks, and many standard equipment needed to be rebuilt in this new software. Besides that, many of them were older projects that needed to be updated to accord with the last work safety standards. Therefore, I was assigned to rebuilt this equipment in the SolidWorks environment and take advantage to undertake any improvement required by the authorities. In short, my role at this project covered the 3D remodeling, the creation of 2D manufacturing drawings, developing operation and maintenance manuals and providing support to the workshop staff during its manufacturing.

Pulp Screening Equipment

   The screening is the process that cleans the pulp with one or more screens. In a word, after the larger contaminants were removed by the Detrasher, the smaller sized contaminants are removed from the pulp suspension by a series of screening equipment. Due to the screen’s openings high obstruction incidence, this equipment uses a complex hydrodynamic foil system that generates a pulse frequency forcing de flow forward and backward in order to avoid any blockage at the openings. As this project also consisted in a modernization of an old equipment and recreation of it in the SolidWorks environment, my role during this project was to built the 3D model, generate the 2D drawings, develop the operation and maintenance documentation and provide support for the manufacturing sector.

High Speed Stock Washer

   Based on a fast-moving belt conveyor supported by two drum pulleys, the equipment is designed to remove water and heavy particles from the pulp suspension by the centrifugal force during the moment on which the belt turn around the pulleys. It is widely used by the pulp and paper industry to remove ink, minerals and other dense particles from the recycling paper.

   During this project, my colleagues and I worked as a team. At this time, due to the short time to develop and manufacture the equipment, each Engineer received a part of the machine to design. It ended up to me to develop the outlet screw conveyor and the upper cover of the equipment. Since we had all the process’ parameters it was easy to develop a screw conveyor to remove the thickened pulp from inside the equipment. However, due to the large size of the upper cover and its need of being significantly light-weighted, it was a interesting challenge to find the right geometry thereof.

   In short, my role at this project was to design the parts which were assigned to me, create the 3D model and generate the manufacturing 2D drawings.